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.GAMES | The .GAMES Domain

The .GAMES Domain

The .GAMES Domain

The Exciting New Dot Games Domain

The online and video game industry has been booming for several years now. Kids (and kids-at-heart) love to play and spend literally hours and hours trying to improve their skills and increase their scores. It doesn’t take much of a search online to find countless websites and stores that cater to this very passionate target market.

If you have a business or website pertaining to this industry, then you know that probably over 99% of your market searches online for new games, guides, forums, and anything else related to this type of gaming. In order to stay competitive, it’s vital that they can find you there.

Welcome .GAMES

The exciting new .GAMES top level domain will be a great asset for any business that has to do with video and online games. Some of the ideal candidates for this prestigious top level domain include:

Retailers and wholesalers of video games
Online game sites
Forums for online and video gamers
Guides to various games
Game review sites
Game clubs
Manufacturers of video games
Designers and developers of online and video games

Benefits of a .GAMES Domain

Ever since .COM and other generic Domains have become so saturated, it’s become very difficult to obtain a really good domain name. The new .GAMES will truly be a game-changer for many businesses because they’ll finally have the opportunity to grab a catchy, well-fitting domain name for their business. Short domain names are easy for people to remember, so those who act quickly will have the best opportunity of obtaining one of those.

A .GAMES Domain instantly tells your target market that your company is part of the industry. They’ll see your URL and most likely click on it over your competitors who continue to use a generic Domain. Using .GAMES in your domain can also be powerful when it comes to marketing your business.

Another benefit may be that Google and similar sites will favor highly specific Domains like .GAMES. If they do rank them higher, it will bring more customers to your business. This can significantly impact your bottom line!
Get in the game and secure a .GAMES Domain as soon as they’re available!